The Heinkel He 162 was designed by the Germans in late WWII in order to throw lots of numbers of aircraft at the attacking waves of bombers coming at them from bases in the UK. The RAF and the USAAF were coming their thousands by day and night and in a reversal of quality over quantity the Luftwaffe devised this fighter they called the “Volksjäger” - known to us as the “Salamander”.

Revell have re-released some kits from different companies recently, but this one is one of their own that for some reason was mysteriously taken from their catalogue a few years ago. How it compares with other kits recently released and the real thing we will look at in our review of this futuristic looking last gasp fighter from the German Luftwaffe.Photobucket

Kit Specifics: Revell Kit: 04723-0389 – 1/32 scale Heinkel He-162A-2 “Salamander” Scale: 1/32 Sprues: Four in grey + 1 transparent sprue No. of parts: 93 Wingspan: 222mm (8-3/4") Length: 302mm (11-7/8") Decal versions for 2 aircraft.

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