Many of our best titles are now available as e-books, and more being released every month. From veteran titles to the newest releases, and covering all our series, Osprey ebooks mean you can access titles instantly on your e-reader or, as a PDF, computer. And the best thing about our e-books is that they will never go out of stock! This blog will help you keep track of which of our titles are available for instant download.


Below are our latest releases, including some titles currently out of stock. Enjoy! 


ELI 48: Nelson's Navy                               
ELI 97: The Kaiser's Warlords                               
ELI 111: Heroes of the Soviet Union 1941-45                        
ELI 113: US Navy SEALs                               
ELI 115: Napoleon’s Imperial Headquarters (1)                        

WAR 162: Roman Republican Legionary 298–105 BC
WAR 90: US Marine Corps Tank Crewman 1965–70
WAR 127: Native American Code Talker in World War II
WAR 109: US Marine Corps Raider 1942–43
WAR 129: Frontier Militiaman in the War of 1812
WAR 8: British Cavalryman 1792–1815
WAR 154: Border Reiver 1513–1603
WAR 65: US Army Ranger 1983–2002
WAR 69: Darby's Rangers 1942–45
WAR 19: British Redcoat 1740–93

WPN 15: The Browning Automatic Rifle