Osprey Adventures is a brand new offshoot of Osprey Publishing.  Coming in 2013, it will explore the murky world where history and fantasy come together, through the release of two series of books.

The new Myths and Legends series examines the great stories that have echoed down through time and have helped to shape our cultures.  Each title in the series focuses on a specific legendary figure, such as King Arthur, or upon a collection of myths, such as dragonslayers, and presents their stories in a straight forward and entertaining style.  Alongside the narrative is factual information about the history behind the stories and how those legends developed and changed over time.  The books will also include Osprey’s usual high illustrative content, with plenty of photos and artworks, both classic works and newly commissioned plates.

Jason and Medea by Jose Daniel Cabrera Pena

The first half of 2013 will see the release of the first three titles in the series:

MYTH 1: Jason and the Argonaunts  (March)
MYTH 2: Dragonslayers: From Beowulf to Saint George (March)
MYTH 3: The War of Horus and Set (May)

Also from Osprey Adventures in 2013, the return of the fan-favourite Dark Osprey series! Following on from Zombies: A Hunter’s Guide comes The Nazi Occult in June 2013.

The Nazi Occult
In the dark dungeons beneath Nazi Germany, teams of occult experts delved into ancient and forbidden lore, searching for lost secrets of power. Ordered by Hitler to discover new weapons that could be unleashed on his enemies, the occultists experimented with dark magics, mystical artifacts, and creatures thought only to exist in nightmare. This book tells the complete history of the Nazi occult programs, from their foundations in Hitler’s early esoteric studies and the quests for the Ark of the Covenant, the Spear of Destiny, and the Holy Grail, through their experiments with lycanthropes and zero-point energy. It also includes sections on the shadow war fought in the dying days of the Reich as the Nazis sought to stave off defeat through pacts with diabolic entities, attempts to preserve the Fuhrer’s brain, and the deployment of the strange flying saucers that battled to save the final Nazi stronghold in the Antaractic.  For years, the Allied governments worked to keep this information from reaching the public, and sought to discredit those few who dared to seek the truth. Now, using a combination of photography and artwork reconstructions, the true story of the most secret battles of World War II can finally be told.

Both of these series will see additional titles published in the second half of 2013, along with another surprise or two…