We feel a bit hounded at Osprey Towers; screaming fans camped outside, constant demands for autographs, scandalous rumours on the internet... OK, maybe we've taken a bit too far, but we have been in the press a lot recently. 

In the first place, our very popular Para Fitness App was featured in The Guardian. Their cutting edge Apps Blog examined the highly sought after app, discussing its key features and innovations, as well as the ethos of elite military fitness. 

On the other side of the pond, Thomas Desjardin, author of our best selling Joshua Chamberlain: A Life in Letters, was the star of an interview with the Portland Press Herald. The Q&A session with the highly respected American Civil War author provided an intimate glimpse at a remarkable man through his personal correspondence, as well as a fascinating examination of the emotional link between historian and his long dead historical subject.

Next, our ground breaking digital only series of books (featuring Allies of Dieppe, available now) was featured in The Bookseller, and included interviews with two members of team Osprey. Just hope the new found fame doesn't go to their heads! 

And finally, Osprey has a famous fan. During the filming of a BBC documentary on D-Day, well known historian Dan Snow was caught delving into Tonight We Die As Men for some last minute research. The documentary will feature interviews with veterans whose heroic story is dramatically retold in Ian Gardner's book. This particular photo was taken next to the Canal de Carentan.


Phew! At least now we can go back to what we love best; making history books.