The Para Fitness App: Emperor Training Update!

With the summer holidays approaching fast, we're all looking to get into shape. But with tough economic times ahead, who can afford a personal trainer? Our Para Fitness app gives you a military instructor to watch over your exercise programme, help you out and encourage you all the way, all on your handheld device!

Available anywhere through your iPhone, iPad and iPhone Touch, the Para Fitness App features Major Sam McGrath of the legendary Parachute Regiment, leading you through an inspirational series of exercises. Helping you to determine your level of fitness and your target goals, Sam introduces you to a series of military exercises tailored to your level; Recruit, Soldier or Paratrooper. This comprehensive guide offers advice on everything you could need to get fit including choosing a gym, eating well, preparing for exercise, warming up and down. An extensive schedule works towards six aspirational challenges to push you to your limits, including a 10-mile race, the famous Bergen challenges and the deceptively named Fan Dance.


Emperor Training Update!

To really push you to get fit in time for summer, we've updated our app which now features:

  • The Emperor Training Programme- take you app to
    the gym with our 'frills' programme! Features 10 new
    challenging exercises, including weight drills!
  • Track your progress as you move through the levels: Recruit, Soldier and Paratrooper
  • Additional bug fixes and visual enhancements.

 For a glimpse of how brutal the Para Selection process is, have a look at Major McGrath's interview.


So, fall in! Start you training with Major Sam McGrath!