• Let Let Let Warplanes said of CMD 23: Pompey "Richly illustrated with photos of geographical locations and some nice drawings made by Peter Dennis, the book is a real pleasure to read."
  • Military Modelling for NVG 188: Great Lakes Warships 1812-1815 "With interesting ship data and detailed illustrations, this title provides a good examination of the vessels that took part in this unique freshwater naval war."
  • CAM 239: Plataea 479 BC reviewed by Thomo the Lost  "...this is a wonderful addition to the Osprey range and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone with an interest in ancient history generally and the Greek and Persian Wars in particular."

    and by the Falcata Times "wonderfully detailed, the artwork within beautiful and the whole thing is explained in fine detail for the reader."  
  • The Northern Mariner on NVG 147: American Light and Medium Frigates 1794-1836 "...beautiful drawings, photographs and illustrations... an excellent introduction or quick reference work for those who are not familiar with the United States Navy in the age of sail."
  • WPN 17: The Lee-Enfield Rifle featured in Military Modelling International "The photographs are top-class, particularly those showing the details of the rifles. The artwork by Peter Dennis is also full of character and detail. For enthusiasts of twentieth-century weapons this title is simply a must-buy."
  • Military Modelling International on NVG 179: Special Operations Patrol Vehicles "This highly-informative book combines coherent and well-researched text with high quality photographs and full-colour artwork to provide a comprehensive study of the patrol vehicles used by Special Operations forces..."
  • Military Modelling International on MAA 472: Armies of the Irish Rebellion 1798 "Osprey are to be commended for tackling such an unusual subject and publishing a work that deserves further investigation. I feel this book is of interest to modellers and wargamers alike plus anyone with an interest in the British army of the Napoleonic Wars or Anglo-Irish history. A welcome release and highly recommended."
  • Military Modelling International on WAR 156: Early Roman Warrior 753-321 BC "The text is very well written and interesting to read... [a] very useful addition to any collection of books on the Roman Army."