Christmas is now a distant memory, but we still have a tiny bit of seasonal joy to give.


On the 20th of December, we gave you the chance to win an eclectic mix of Osprey books, in the last of our staff picks. Then, on Christmas Eve, came the big prize: a huge piece of Peter Dennis art, depicting a cavalry charge at Borodino - in case you missed it, here it is again...



We had hundreds and hundreds of entries for both prizes, and thank you all for the great holiday messages you sent us - they were very much appreciated! Unfortunately there can only be one winner for each prize...

The winner of the Osprey books is... Susan Pearmain!

And the Borodino poster will soon be gracing the walls of.... David Bradley!

Please join me in congratulating our winners, and everyone at Osprey would like to wish you all a happy and successful 2013.