Over the last few months, we have been asking you to help us fill the holes in our coverage for particular series, and you've responded with some brilliant (and wide ranging) suggestions. In the first few months we covered Warrior, Campaign, Elite, New Vanguard and Men-at-Arms, Combat Aircraft , Weapon series, Duel the Raid series, Aircraft of the Aces and finally with Essential Histories.

This month we would like you to submit your ideas for our brand-spanking new aviation series Air Vanguard.

Now as you would imagine with a new series there are... well there are massive gaps pretty much everywhere. In fact, this is probably less of a filling the gaps suggestion as a "I really really REALLY need you to do this book soon!" suggestion collection.

As ever, we would like you to suggest five books which you think we desperately need the Air Vanguard series - an excellent chance to be creative with your historical knowledge. Rank these suggestions from 1-5 (with 1 being your favourite) and post them in the comments section below.

We will then have a look at the suggestions, select the 5 most popular suggestions and put them up for the public vote in our book vote.

For this to work we need you to support the titles that you see. It doesn't matter if someone has already suggested the 5 titles you were going to suggest. Post them up anyway and support the suggestions made by others, rather than getting increasingly obscure with your suggestions.

And don't worry if your favourite suggestion doesn't actually win the final book vote - we won't cast aside those ideas immediately - after all, Air Vanguard is in its infancy, there is plenty more yet to come!

So start commenting now with your Air Vanguard series suggestions!