On July 1st, we're releasing a unique history of the war to end all wars with a foreword written by Professor Hew Strachan, illustrated with over 15 minutes of contemporary footage.

The enhanced eBook offers a unique resource and insight into the First World War, with footage drawn from the extensive Images of War archives.

Twenty-nine videos give an unparallelled insight into the conflict, from hellish battle scene footage of fighting at Verdun, to sweeping aerial vistas in a plane above no-mans-land and the uncomfortable life inside a flooded trench, and complement the broad introductory text perfectly.

The enhanced eBook will be exclusive to iTunes on release, and can be pre-ordered now for just £7.99/$9.99

First World War enhanced vide

Each video provides unique illustration, in this case for the battle of Verdun. Simply tap the video to view it at full screen...

First World War Enhanced video zoom

...and watch history come alive with the atmospheric contemporary film footage.

First World War Enhanced video zoom 2

The history, written by Peter Simkins, Geoffrey Jukes and Michael Hickey, provides a comprehensive overview of the conflict and covers the fighting on all fronts, from Flanders to Tannenberg and from Italy to Palestine.

First World War Enhanced 1

Photographs and maps further supplement the text, and can be expanded with just a tap of the finger.

First World War Enhanced 2

The First World War Enhanced eBook offers a cutting-edge history of the conflict, and uniquely conveys the experiences of war.

The book is available to pre-order now on iTunes, with an Amazon release scheduled later in July. Some technological restrictions apply - please consult the product page for more information.

If you don't have a tablet or smartphone, the first-hand accounts, maps and pictures are all available in the hardback edition, which is available now.


Images of War Ltd is an extensive and singularly unique library of original film footage from the 20th century. The archive spans the two world wars and contains social and political footage from 1900 - 1992.