A little over a week ago I received an email from one of the editors that works with Men-at-Arms commissioning editor (and all-round Osprey legend Martin Windrow) about... wait for it.... the 500th Men-at-Arms title. That's right, in a couple of years time Osprey's legendary series will be hitting a quite stupendous milestone, and it says something about the series and our love for it, that it remains the mainstay of our publishing plans and continues to be one of our most reliable selling series.

A number of years ago we thought that the series might have actually run its course. We were worried about finding titles that would get the series to its 450th title - and couldn't imagine that 500 was a realistic possibility. And really, it is you the fans who deserve a bit of a mention here - because over the last two or three years it has been your suggestions and feedback that has fuelled the Men-at-Arms series. Your ideas have been hugely helpful, and I wager that you will be able to see your influence on the list of Men-at-Arms titles out in 2014.


Men-at-Arms 492 Modern African Wars (4) The Congo Wars 1960-2002 (Feb 2014)

Men-at-Arms 493 Hitler's Blitzkrieg Enemies 1940: Denmark, Norway, Netherlands and Belgium (Feb 2014)

Men-at-Arms 494 Forces of the Hanseatic League 1200-1500 (April 2014)

Men-at-Arms 495 The Spanish Civil War 1936-39 (1) Nationalist Troops (May 2014)

Men-at-Arms ??? The Prussian Army of the Lower Rhine 1815 (November 2014)

Men-at-Arms ??? Armies of the Russo-Polish War 1919-21 (November 2014)


So, not a bad list of titles for 2014, but the big question on our minds right now, is what should we do to commemorate the 500th Men-at-Arms title - do you have any suggestions?