We can't quite believe that the first two books in our new series Combat have already been out for a month - but they have, and our never ending publishing cycle means that it is already time to welcome the third member of the CBT series to the family - CBT 3 British Infantryman vs Zulu Warrior - written by world-renowned Anglo-Zulu War expert Ian Knight. And - so that you know what to expect from this fabulous book, we have uploaded a short extract for you to pore over.

The extract that I have chosen is the final battle analysis piece in the book - Khambula 29 March 1879 (iSandlwana and Nyezane are the two other engagements covered in the book). The extract features one of my favourite examples of our new split-screen artwork piece so far, as well as an in-depth battlefield map.

If you would prefer to download this extract as a PDF you can do so by quite simply clicking here.

Combat 3 British Infantryman versus Zulu Warrior is out this month. And if you have not already had a look, why not check out the extract for Combat 1 British Paratrooper versus Fallshirmjager or Combat 2: Union Infantryman versus Confederate Infantryman.