Osprey HQ is moving! We’ve outgrown our cosy office, which has been our home for several years now, so we’re moving just a few miles up the road to take up residence in Kemp House.

If you should need to write to us, here’s our new address

Osprey Publishing
Kemp House
Chawley Park
Cumnor Hill

Add it to you Christmas card list. The office telephone numbers and emails will remain the same, and take a look at our Contact Us page if you need more information. 

Team Osprey has had a lot of fun in Midland House, from the annual snow ball fight to indoor picnics (of a less military theme), but we’re all looking forward to setting up our new Osprey HQ over the next few days.

We’re currently immersed in building small redoubts and trenches out of large yellow storage boxes, as we try and fit all the paraphernalia of book publishing into manageable chunks. It's proving a challenge.

Sales and Marketing Alley
'Fortress Sales and Marketing' - our sales team is buried in here somewhere...


Wish us luck with the move! We'll let you know what the new office is like soon.