The SAS War Diary – a history of the legendary unit, by the SAS, for the SAS, and in their own words.

In 1946, Europe shifted from war to reconstruction. In this post-war world, there seemed to be little need for aggressive units like the SAS, so this force was disbanded, its men sent home.

One SAS veteran, however, was determined that the exploits of his unit would not be forgotten, and set about creating a unique record of the SAS. Bound in leather ‘liberated’ from Nazi Germany, the diary contained every scrap of information the veteran could get his hands on; operational maps, Top-Secret mission reports and first-hand accounts, even the legendary order that authorized the first ever SAS mission. Many of the documents he consulted and copied were soon destroyed, making his ‘War Diary’ an incredibly rare record of the formative years of the SAS.


The original War Diary

This unique volume then disappeared, stored carefully away in the SAS Regimental Association archives. But now, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of this famous unit, Extraordinary Editions has created just 5000 copies worldwide of this unique diary for the public.

‘Based on the original Diary held by the Regimental Association, The SAS War Diary is augmented with material from their archive, very little of which has ever been seen before.

The SAS War Diary is extremely impressive, measuring some 17 x 12 x 4 inches and weighing over 28lbs. Each copy is bound by hand in full leather over wood composite boards in the style of the original, with three brass posts and finished with a new blocking design featuring the Regimental badge and wings.

The individual copies are then numbered and the limitation page is embossed with the seal of the Regimental Association.’



The original and the Extraordinary Editions version side by side

For your chance to own one of these exquisite and exceptional limited-edition volumes, take a look at the Extraordinary Editions website - and please quote ‘Osprey’ in any correspondence. Alternatively, you can download the brochure here.

The majority of the profit from these exceptional books will go to support the work of the SAS Regimental Association’s welfare fund.