'Oh if you could only be here for a few minutes to here those heavy guns & then the Voleys of musketry and all keeping time'

The Kalamazoo Valley museum has just published a touching and illuminating letter from a Mr. Spencer McComb of the 7th Michigan Cavalry, who took part in the enormous and bloody battle of the Wilderness in May 1864 during the American Civil War.

It is a timely reminder of the ferocity and intensity of this American Civil War campaign, which took place this month 150 years ago.


The fantastic Wilderness and Spotsylvania 1864: Grant versus Lee in the East is out this month, too. It explores the complex manoeuvres undertaken by the key commanders involved, as well as the opposing plans, forces and of course the bitter fighting itself.

Having read the book, I couldn't help but think about the hellish conditions for the soldiers on the ground, which is why this discovery was so perfect! If you are interested, go and visit the Kalamazoo Valley museum website, where, in their 'Letters and Diaries' section,  this recent letter is available to read, and others written by Spencer to his mother will be posted soon.

As a final tidbit, if you are eyeing up Wilderness and Spotsylvania 1864: Grant versus Lee in the East, then cast your mind back to this blog, in which author Andy Nunez gives a fascinating account of the work and collaboration that went into creating the stunning art for this book.