There has been a LOT of chatter about Dien Bien Phu on the blog and forum over the last few weeks - mostly focusing on the fact that we don't yet have a Campaign title on the subject... and pleading with us to get one commissioned! I responded with the issues stopping us from creating a Campaign title on Dien Bien Phu on this forum post in case you are interested.

But with all the buzz about DBP - I thought it would be worth sharing this article from the BBC about Dien Bien Phu. If you ignore the slightly inflammatory title of the article (which is then rather glazed over later in the article) there is some interesting stuff in there. The article is actually primarily a promo for an hour-long BBC Worldservice documentary about Dien Bein Phu - and that is where most of the fascinating stuff is.

Well worth a listen if you have the chance!