Osprey fans, occult enthusiasts and concerned onlookers,

I am addressing you once again to inform you of the latest developments at Osprey. As you know, an esteemed Osprey employee was ruthlessly targeted not long ago by a bloodsucking beast.

According to Vampires: A Hunter's Guide (which, I must remind you, is the authoritative volume on problems of this nature) the European Vampire is known as a Strigoi, and their process of 'siring' or 'turning' a new vampire has certain observable set patterns.

"...'turning'...requires blood transfusions between both parties, the most significant being ingestion of the sire's blood by the victim."

With this in mind, I've been following Joe McCullough's progress very closely. We know that he was bitten, we also know that he recovered relatively swiftly.

"Strigoi rise quickly after being turned..."

But naturally Joe denies having consumed any of his attacker's blood. It remains to be seen whether he displays any symptoms of Vampirism. By law we're not allowed to hold him, so although he's been the picture of normality at work, who knows what happens when he walks out of the Osprey door?

In any case, if I can get proof of his having turned, I might be able to do a deal with him. If he consumed the blood of the assailant, the chances are he knows who it is.  I can perhaps exhange that information for a guarantee of safe passage to an Ancient Vampiric estate in Romania. Watch this space.

In the meantime, I am continuing my interrogations of the Osprey staff and observing the office. Whilst I am no closer to finding out who it was, I've taken your suggestions to heart and have paid extra close attention to Michael Kazich and Richard Sullivan. Both are proving remarkably slippery, exuding nothing  but goodwill, charm and co-operation.

One thing is for certain though - I know the culprit is in this building. How am I so sure? because every single day, Osprey Towers is shrouded in nightmarish fog, even when the rest of Cumnor is bathed in bright sunshine.

The Vampire's Lair

Remember - keep the accusations coming. Your success could save Osprey, and earn you immortality of a different sort - having your name featured in a future Hunter's Guide! To recap, the suspects are:

Richard Sullivan

Mike Ramalho

Tom Milner

Michael Kazich

One indictment per person, please.