As many of you know, the Fortress series has been on an extended holiday over the last few years. Rumours have been bubbling away for months that the series is putting the band back together for a world-wide reunion tour. I may have been the one spreading those rumours. And I hope you nipped down to the local bookies and acted upon my tip - because Fortress is coming back in 2015!

You begged us to bring it back, and it did take a little bit longer than we were hoping, but let me introduce you to the first two tour dates for the triumphant return of Fortress!

Fortress 108: Germany's East Wall (July 2015)

Fortress ???: The Atlantic Wall (3) The Sudwall (November 2015)


And while we are on the subject - the last Command title is also due out in 2015 - keep an eye out for:

Command 31 Attila the Hun (July 2015)


Next up are the Osprey Games titles for 2015... stay tuned!