Now this is a story with a happy ending. For some time now, a finely furred feline has been haunting the Osprey HQ...

The beautiful ginger Tom was christened 'Marmeduke' by the Shire and Old House heritage team, who cared for him from time to time when he was seen skulking around the steps near the car park.

It has since been revealed that the cat had somehow got lost from his home, which is all the way back in Milton Keynes! He must have been on a truly epic journey to end up in Botley, Oxford. I like to think it was his burning passion for military history that caused him to hone in on the site.

Shire and Old House dispute this, claiming that he hates military history and that his tastes lie purely with quaint British antiquities and vintage outfits. To be fair there is some corroborating evidence for this, as Global Sales and Marketing Manager Mike Ramalho approached the cat to stroke him whilst reading aloud a passage from the forthcoming 'Challenge of Battle', he was brutally mauled.

The 'Tiger of Cumnor' as he was henceforth known has now finally been reunited with his family. He was taken to the local vets and was 'scanned', his 'chip' revealing his real hometown. It has since emerged that his actual name is 'Sumo' and his family are thrilled to have him back!

All the best Marmeduke/Sumo, you are welcome to return at any time! Speaking of which, Osprey are still lacking an official mascot. Should we opt for marmeduke, or a real life osprey?