The next big reveal is for New Vanguard - a series which goes from strength to strength it would seem! Some of the earlier titles in this list have already been leaked to much acclaim, but the rest of the list is still shrouded in mystery, so it is about time we reveal it all!

New Vanguard 218: T-26 Light Tank: Backbone of the Red Army (January 2015)

New Vanguard 219: Riot Control Vehicles 1945-Present (February 2015)

New Vanguard 220: US Standard-type Battleships 1941-45 (1) Nevada, Pennsylvania and New Mexico Classes (March 2015)

New Vanguard 221: Gunboats of World War I (April 2015)

New Vanguard 222: Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Guns of the Soviet Union (May 2015)

New Vanguard 227: Ottoman Navy Warships 1914-18 (July 2015)

New Vanguard 223: T-64 Battle Tank: The Cold War's Most Secret Tank (August 2015)

New Vanguard 224: Polish Armour of the Blitzkrieg (September 2015)

New Vanguard 225: Republican Roman Warships 509-27 BC (September 2015)

New Vanguard 226: Commonwealth Cruisers 1939-45 (October 2015)

New Vanguard 228: German Commerce Raiders 1914-18 (November 2015)

New Vanguard 229: US Standard-type Battleships 1941-45 (2) Tennessee, Colorado and Unbuilt Classes (December 2015)


Phew - looks like I was wrong about the A-10 book challenging for the longest title of 2015. It looks like both of the US Standard-type Battleship titles in the New Vanguard series are making a strong push for the win - part 1 looks to be shading it! Next up for the big reveal is... Raid! The series that is. Not the insane (and yet very watchable) film.