In a couple of weeks time the editorial, marketing and sales teams are due to gather for our annual 'hitlist' meeting. Anyone who has been following this blog over the last couple of years will know that this is the meeting at which we throw out ideas for potential 2016 titles and debate their merits. The editors will also come armed with some titles suggested by the authors that they work with (or will actually reach out to the authors to ask them for title suggestions).

We revealed a little about the results of the hitlist meeting we had in 2013 here.

Every year, in advance of the hitlist meeting we provide a chunk of data gathered from the website to the editors to help them shape their suggestions. The data we provided this year was certainly rather hefty, and it is great to look back through that list and see how many of the titles have gone from being book suggestions, to featuring in book votes and finally emerging, blinking and nervous, into the light as a real book! (There is probably another blog post somewhere in there - revealing which books have gone through the entire publishing process after being nominated by you - keep an eye out for that in the coming weeks)

The meetings tend to be pretty exhausting affairs - long days spent huddled over lists of potential titles, armed with years worth of sales history for previous Osprey titles - but they are great fun, especially when - as is happening this year - we are able to get the meetings to coincide with a visit from our US sales team - it just isn't the same over the phone.

As with last year we will give you a sneaky look at some of the discussions that we had - though we don't want to spoil too much of the surprise at such an early stage!