We send copies of our books to all sorts of publications for review. From national newspapers to specialist military magazines, we love getting the thoughts of specialist readers (especially if they're positive!)

But equally important is what our faithful following of fans think. We love it when people blog, tweet or share their thoughts about a particular book. In fact, we love it so much, that we want to offer a little reward to the ones who do!

We'd like to make a monthly tradition of rewarding Amazon reviewers. How will we do that, you ask? Well, if you add an Amazon review for a particular book (of ours, naturally), simply send an email to the [email protected] address with a link to the review.

This will place you in a monthly reviewer prize draw! In which we'll pick out one lucky reviewer to receive a free copy of any of the current motnh's releases!

There are of course conditions - we won't ask you to make a positive review if you didn't like the book (although we hope that that eventuality doesn't occur too often) but we do ask that your review is serious and considered. We'd like to see reviews at around a 150 to 200-word minimum.

So get your analytical brains in gear, dip your metaphorical quills in the ink pot and get writing and a free Osprey book could be yours!