Sainsbury's sell eBooks don't you know.

And they are currently selling some of our eBooks for a very, very reasonable price!

There are tonnes of Osprey titles up for grabs at the Sainsbury's eBook store, and a good many of them are currently available for just 99p.

The offer will last only until the end of this month, so do hurry up and take advantage!



 The range of 99p Osprey titles is as follows:

 Commando: Special Forces in World War II


Five Days that Shocked the World

Forgotten Sacrifice: The Arctic Convoys of World War II


Jason and the Argonauts

King Arthur

Knights Templar

Robin Hood

Tank Warfare: A History of Tanks in Battle

The Boys of ’67

The Nazi Occult

The War of Horus and Set


Tonight We Die As Men (paperback edition)

Troy - Last War of the Heroic Age

We Will Destroy Your Planet

Zombies: A Hunter's Guide

So crack on, scramble down to the Sainsbury's eBook store, you won't have to shell out very much!