A little while ago we gave a heads up about David Wisman's new book, Helmand to the Himalayas, his incredible experiences in Afghanistan and the Himalayas,  and his significant involvement with the establishment of the Invictus Games. 

We also mentioned that David would be competing as a swimmer - another personal achievement to add to an already staggering list! 

Although by no means swimming experts, there were a few of us here at Osprey that suspected David would do well - and how well he did - winning a UK Gold in the Men's 100m Freestyle ISD, and a gold in the Mixed 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay! He also bagged a silver medal in the 50m backstroke ISD, and a silver in the Men's 50m Freestyle ISD!

So it was a great games for David, and a fantastic launch overall - each event generating a great atmosphere of enthusiasm and strong support. We're already looking forward to the next one!

If you want to learn the remarkable story of David's life prior to the Invictus Games, give Helmand to Himalayas (out now on special early-release) a try! 



 David below the Ice Fall, the most dangerous section on the South side of Mount Everest.