Well, the World Cup is upon us. It's a great occasion, loaded with a rich tradition, where each participant nation has a chance of glory untold!

But over the years, there have been some fierce battles, both in the group games and the knockout stages. One clash we've been anticipating all year here at the Osprey HQ is England's first group game fixture tonight - against Italy in Manaus, Brazil.

This is going to be a hot clash, so the Osprey editorial and marketing teams have drawn up a special addition Combat title to cover it. It took me a long time to gather together the necessary research, first-hand accounts and images for this title, and it was very difficult, if rewarding, to write!


CBT 10 copycovervis (3)


Featuring six Italian and English teams pitched into three pivotal European championship and World Cup engagements, this is a must have guide-to the close quarters combat between antagonists in one of international football's oldest and bitterest rivalries.

On the eve of this monumental fixture, and with this month's Combat discount still running, now is the perfect time to order your copy of Combat 10, 'Italy vs England: Brazil 2014'.