If you are interested in World War I, this year has seen some fantastic projects take place. Across the media, government and various civil bodies, much has been done to commemorate the war for the centenary. From special programmes to huge public ceremonies, there has been a lot of work done to make military history of WWI available to the public. In some cases, the dynamic is reversed and work is underway to garner information from the public to enrich the history - such as this fantastic National Archives initiative.

 Indeed, we've been fairly busy working on WWI stuff ourselves this year! 

One of the best projects I've seen recently, though, is run by the Telegraph newspaper. On their website this year they began to re-publish editions of their newspaper as they were appeared in the fateful years from 1914-18. Each issue is available as a downloadable PDF, and is a great window into life and journalism in Britain during the Great War.

In their own words:

Every day from now until the end of 2018 we will be republishing in PDF form the full original edition of The Daily Telegraph of 100 years ago. The archive will grow into a fascinating record of how the First World War was reported, but the accounts of life on the home front - and of a world that was vanishing - are just as gripping

So head on over and have a browse through. Some of the headlines and photographs alone are worth viewing. Enjoy!