The godfather of the Osprey Adventures Myths & Legends series, Joe McCullough, gives us a lowndown on the recently released 'Troy: Last War of the Heroic age':

 For years Osprey has been getting requests to cover the battle of Troy, but as one of our editors is fond of saying, ‘Where do you put the gods on the map?’. The truth is, there isn’t near enough material to make a proper, historical recreation of the battle of Troy. However, with the advent of the Myths and Legends series, we’ve finally got a place for one of the most interesting and entertaining battles of all time!

Troy: Last War of the Heroic Age is written by Si Sheppard, who has previously written several of our ancient campaign titles including The Jewish Revolt AD 66-74 and Philippi 42 BC. By collecting the writings of all of the ancient writers, not just Homer, Si is able to tell the full story of Troy. So, not only do we get all of the bloody-action of Achilles and Hector, but also the story of the abduction of Helen, the gathering of Achaean forces, the original landings, and the exciting post Iliad phase of the battle that witnesses the arrival of the Amazon warrior Penthesilea and the Ethiopian King Memnon.  Of course, it also includes the full story of the horse and the bloody aftermath.

Alongside Si Sheppard’s text is plenty of artwork, both period and modern, and some stunning new work by Jose Daniel Cabrera Pena, one of whose colour plates is shown below.

So, after many years of asking, Osprey Publishing has finally covered the battle of Troy.

TroyArtwork (3)