As promised, the next series to be treated to the 'What can we expect in 2015' reveal is... the Weapon series, so lets have a look at what gems are due out next year.

Weapon 38: The Hand Grenade (January 2015)

Weapon 39: Mauser Military Rifles (March 2015)

Weapon 40: The Gatling Gun (May 2015)

Weapon 41: The Flamethrower (August 2015)

Weapon ??: Winchester Lever-Action Rifles (October 2015)

Weapon ??: The Composite Bow (November 2015)


So that is the line-up for Weapon in 2015 - what are you most looking forward to next year? Next up in the great reveal is the New Vanguard series, which has a pretty epic line-up for next year!