After a herculean struggle, the team at Osprey towers and our web development team have been able to restore the functions of the site that weren't working.

eBooks are now available for purchase again.

Online content for members is also now available to be viewed.

However, in order to implement this fix, we were forced, essentially, to go back in time. We reverted to the version of the site that was live last Tuesday. As such, all the changes made and content posted since then are gone. Blog posts we managed to save and re-upload, but unfortunately the user comments and forum posts are no longer there - but we are investigating the possibility of restoring them.

We apologise profusely for the inconvenience caused. Our somewhat aged website has seen a marked increase in grey hairs here at Osprey HQ, but we look onwards and upwards - both to a trouble-free swansong of the current site and a triumphant appearance of the new one!

A big thank you to all our brilliant fans for their continued patience and tolerance, from everybody at Osprey.