Over the last couple of months you have all been having your say on what subjects we should revisit in some of our classic series. Last month we covered Elite - and the results of your suggestions are being put to the book vote over the next four weeks!

This month we turn our attention to the New Vanguard series!

The first New Vanguard title arrived in bookstores in 1993 - and the early titles in the series were largely made up of titles that had appeared in the Vanguard series but in a new, sleeker format - hence the 'New' in New Vanguard. But are their subjects that should be revisited in the series? Perhaps we covered a particular vehicle in a larger group of vehicles, but it could (and should) carry a book on its own? Or are there some of the earlier books that could do with a new edition? If so, let us know.


The Rules!


Suggest two titles that you think we should revisit - with a brief sentence explaining why and how.

You have a third slot that you can use to support a suggestion made by another poster.

Remember, if your ideas have already been listed, chip in to support them anyway!

At the end of the month we will tally up the results and put the most popular to a book vote.

And last, but not least, this is for subjects already covered in New Vanguard. An opportunity to suggest brand new titles on the blog will emerge in the future, and the forum and book suggestion drop box continue to be monitored by us!