Robert Forczyk, who has penned so many outstanding Campaign, Duel, and Command titles, has directed his considerable talent toward writing a General Military title. The subject of his endeavours is the Crimea in World War II - a fascinating, if sobering, story.



Where the Iron Crosses Grow tells the whole story, from the Nazi invasion in 1941, to the expulsion of the Germans in 1944 - and all of the horrors in between. Militarily, there are several interesting facets to the fighting - first a Soviet, then a few years later, a German army were encircled and utterly destroyed. But there was more to it than that - both sides practised appalling policies of ethnic cleansing, the Germans targeting Jews and the Soviets the ethnic Tatars. 

Overall, it's an absolutely essential read, and to prove it, we're offering one chapter up for free as a PDF download!

Chapter 3, "Across the Tatar Wall: September 1941"deals with the sweeping German advances shortly after the beginning of Operation Barbarossa. 

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N 1603 Bild-117

From the Bundesarchiv, this photo shows a knocked-out Russian artillery battery in Sevastopol.