The first Elite title rapelled onto bookshelves back in 1984 and since then more than 200 Elite titles have been published, with Elite 200 World War II Glider Assault Tactics publishing earlier this year. Now, we are the first to admit that 'Elite' tag doesn't always quite ring true with the subjects that now appear in the series (also see the ongoing 'What constitutes a Raid / Campaign' debate!) and the series now includes the really successful Tactics mini-series. But what subjects in the series need a re-visit? When we first started talking about this a number of forum and blog commentators suggested that our MAA SAS title could do with a new treatment - perhaps it should be covered in the Elite series. I am a huge fan of the Angus McBride artwork in ELI 3 The Vikings (which incidentally remains one of the best-selling Elite titles) - but with the new research into the subject, could it be time for a new treatment - perhaps with some Peter Dennis art gracing the pages of the book? Or maybe there are some subjects which could use a multiple book treatment to provide more in-depth detail?


Let us know what you think!


The Rules!


Suggest two titles that you think we should revisit - with a brief sentence explaining why and how.

You have a third slot that you can use to support a suggestion made by another poster.

Remember, if your ideas have already been listed, chip in to support them anyway!

At the end of the month we will tally up the results and put the most popular to a book vote.

And last, but not least, this is for subjects already covered in Elite. An opportunity to suggest brand new titles on the blog will emerge in the future, and the forum and book suggestion drop box continue to be monitored by us!


NOTE - after our recent web woes, some blog and forum comments were wiped as we went back in time. We were able to recover the posts to this blog, but not the identity of the posters. So the following suggestions are true -  but anonymous. They will all count, however!


Here are your recommendations from before the great wipe:


" 1.) Royal Marines 1939-93.  It covers way too much.  Maybe a two book treatment, or just one book focusing on WWII since there was the Royal Marine Commando 1950-1982 not that long ago.

2.) U-Boat Crews 1914-45.  Divide it up into separate books for each war.

3.)  I support the Vikings suggestion, especially what with the TV show now and all, haha."



"1) Elite 42, The Persian Army 560-330 is, well, not to be cruel but I don't think the artwork is up to Opsrey's usual standards. Can you imagine is done by Giuseppe Rava for example?  It might be better to split this into two titles, one for the Persian army of the Marathon/Plataea period and another for the Persian army that faced Alexander.

2) Elite 54 UN Forces 1948-1994

There's been 20 years of UN missions since this book came out and it could use an update to see how the UN forces have evolved."


"I would like to see companion titles to Elite 10 (Warsaw Pact Forces) and 16 (NATO Armies) published to cover the huge changes that have taken place to the armed forces of all these countries since the fall of the Berlin Wall. As a mad uniform buff I would like to have good colour plates of all the different uniforms, but nevertheless I would want the "meat" of the book to concentrate on the changes of roles, equipment and doctrines brought about by the end of the Cold War.

If "Vikings" is to be re-vamped I would plead that some method of keeping Angus McBride's excellent artwork must be kept in publication."


"- US Army Rangers & LRRP Units 1942?87

There is a Warrior title on World War 2 Rangers but it mostly covers the Rangers who fought from 1942 - 43. You could split this subject in two - one on WW2 and one on the later Wars.

- Medieval Siege Warfare

This one seems to be pretty old fashioned to me"


"1. "The NVA and the Viet Cong" deserved a completely new treatment. This book is perhaps rather strangely title since it should really be titled "People's Army of Vietnam 1975 - 1992". It tries to cover all too much and ends up losing its track somewhere in the middle. It does cover the PAVN great and it's full of great information - but most of it seems outdated by now and could be refreshed by new research. I also feel like the VC could be left out entirely since their role in the actual book is so small that it is easily overlooked. The choices for the figure plates are also very poor and I can't understand how they passed the editor.


My suggestion is the following: "The People's Army of Vietnam 1955-91", covering everything from its inception through the Vietnam War, the invasion of Kampuchea (and the resulting counterinsurgency) and the Sino-Vietnamese War with its various border clashes over the years. It would be focused, there would be plenty of material for the plates (without having to repeat plates from the MAA on the Vietnam War) and up to date.


2. Perhaps dividing the "NATO Armies" and "Warsaw Pact Armies" into several books to accommodate all the different uniforms from all the different armies involved would be a good move. There's plenty here to cover and since it's been quite some time since the Cold War, perhaps about due time.


3. There is also a need for a big update on the "Israeli Defence Forces since 1973" which was released in 1986."


"Strangely enough I was admiring the artwork of my own Vikings copy just yesterday! More on Vikings please.


Besides I would especially love news from the IDF (no 8+18) and the French Foreign Legion (no 6). But everything on todays military forces will be most welcome..."



"Vikings:  Always new information and archeological research is adding to the lore, myths, and history of these peoples.


Pirates:  Who doesn't like pirates ya scallywag dogs!  Arrgghhhh give me more of the pieces of eight.


Finally, I tried to find an Elite book on MesoAmerica such as the Aztec, Maya, Mixtec, or Incans.  Nothing.  A few Elite books on North American Indians but very little else. Shameful.  Please consider not "revisiting" these civilizations but actually publishing a few Elite books on the subject!!"


"1) "Pike and Shot Tactics" - The book was really amazing, but why not a second title covering the XVI Century? It's before the Dutch reforms, but the Italian Wars, Scottish-British wars, Schkmalkaldic war and French wars of religion all saw brilliant commanders trying to make the best out of the pike and early shot. Plus, it would cover a huge gap in Osprey coverage.


2) I can't decide between "Mounted Archers of the Steppes" and "Early Samurai". They all try to cover a very extensive period in one book. The Mounted Archers one also has the problem of trying to cover lots of peoples in one book. Maybe the first could be turned into a multi-volume elite about the tactics of the steppe peoples, and the "Early Samurai" into a 2/3/4 volumes coverage of the early japanese armies


3) I support "The Persian Army 560-330", with updated research and better artwork (hint: better colouring)"




"Agree with the Persian army one, needs looking at again.

 I would also say the ancient Greeks, but focusing on later armies, say 270 and after were they started to move away from hoplites.

 And NATO and Warsaw pact troops broken down into separate specific books."



"very hard to call books that have the beautiful artwork of Angus McBride outdated...

 1) Attila and the Nomad Hordes

 my first Elite and still my favourite, however the research that took place in the last 25 years needs to be taken into account.

 2) the Commanders subseries

 the Command series was a failure, but i really liked the commanders subseries of Elite. bring that back! Russian commanders of the Napoleonic Wars are waiting to be covered! ;)

 3) supporting: Persian Army 560-330 BC

 many contenders here: Vikings, ancient Greeks...ultimately Persian Army, if only because it does not have the aforementioned Angus McBride artwork, and because the other two Elite titles have a more recent warrior title and ancient greece is covered fairly well and has many up-to-date titles."



"1. Inside the Soviet Army. If not a complete revisit, at least filling the gaps from the late 80s, when it came out, to today. There is likely revived interest in the subject, in light of events in the Ukraine. It would be a  good companion piece to the recent title on Russian security and paramilitary troops.

2. Warsaw Pact armies (now Ex-WP). Ditto the reason above, plus covering a lot of these states' integration into NATO

3. And I totally support a new book or books on the Persian Army. There is plenty of new scholarship and archaeology on the subject, and some new artwork would be nice as well (fingers crossed Peter Dennis does it!)"


"As Railok say, the NVA book need a complete remake, specially the ilustrations."


"I support another look at the NVA and/or Viet Cong! While I little problem with the colour plates rendering I always thought the subjects for the plates could've been better chosen, just odd."


"The Persian Army 560?330 BC: The artwork could be seriously improved and there's a lot more that could be covered with current research. It probably needs to be split into two books (i.e. "The Persian Army: From Cyrus II to Xerxes I" and "The Persian Army: From Artaxerxes I to Darius III").

Early Samurai AD 200-1500: The original was good, but it's coverage needs to be expanded over the course of at least three volumes (i.e. "Japanese Armies: Yayoi and Kofun periods", "Japanese Armies: Asuka, Nara and Heian periods" and "Japanese Armies: Kamakura and Muromachi periods")."


"1) I think Elite 98 British Commanders of WWII needs to be looked at again - either stick to just British commanders or do a more even-handed job with the Commonwealth officers. Preferably the latter, preferably over two volumes like the German Commanders titles, with a look at some of the lower command ranks.

2) Absolutely support the call for a complete re-working of Elite 42 The Persian Army 560-330bce. Definitely needs two volumes, more detail on some of the more notable kings and brand new artwork.

Mounted Archers of the Steppes is probably another title that tries to cover to much in a single volume."