Today the British Woodland Trust launched its First World War Centenary Woods project.

The plan is to create four flagship Woodlands in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - up to 1,000 acres collectively. These centenary woodlands will represent, and be dedicated to, the many fallen soldiers in World War I as well as improving the British landscape.

The Trust will also make up to 3 million trees available for planting by schools, community groups and youth groups. The idea is that individuals and groups will plant the trees in honour of fallen family members.

We think this is a fantastic idea for a memorial. There is something really rousing about the idea of creating a long-lasting and visible impression on the British landscape to honour the sacrifice of so many - new life to honour all those that were prematurely extinguished.

To find out more about this great initiative, please peruse the Woodland Trust's blog on the subject. Osprey Publishing support the Woodland Trust by funding the of dedication of trees, as well as the maintenance of exisiting conservation sites.