Ever since the launch of Osprey Adventures, I have had more calls to cover ‘Atlantis’ than any other topic. Well, in July, we’ll be releasing The Wars of Atlantis, and today I got in the last of the artwork!

The artwork for the book is being done by Jose Daniel Cabrera Pena and Rocio Espin Pinar.  Jose has done a lot of work in the Myths and Legends series, turning in some wonderful paintings for Jason and the Argonauts, Troy – Last War of the Heroic Age, and most recently, Theseus and the Minotaur. Unlike those books which contain a mixture of artwork and photographs, The Wars of Atlantis will feature nothing but artwork, both full-page colour paintings and smaller black and white works.

I just thought I might share one of those smaller black and white works with you today.



Want to know who that is? Well, you might just have to read the book!