Congratulations to the three winners of our Pacific themed reddit contest, and thank you to everyone who entered. It was great fun reading through the entries, and really difficult to choose the winners. Eventually I managed, so here they are:

Best Question winner - Kiyohara

I read an anecdote once about "Ice Cream Ships;" that is ships in the US navy that supplied ice cream to the fleets. Supposedly they were made from freighters and concrete ships (clean of course) that made ice cream and sailed with the various fleets (or were sent on station in safe waters).

Did these actually exist, and if so, how were they used? How did the US justify building ships for ice cream when we were in the biggest war had ever been in to that point? Did the US just have that much material and industry that they could expend some of it on build ships dedicated solely to making Ice Cream?

And the answer, for those who are interested, can be read here.


Most Interesting Answer winner - an_ironic_username

And our pot-luck prize goes to...PletcheR!

Congratulations to our winners, and again thank you to everyone who took part. Also a special thanks to the moderators at AskHistorians who helped us run this competition!