On 10 July we put up our Battle of Britain quiz. Over 2,000 of you tested your knowledge, and now we are ready to give you the results.

(If any of you haven't had the chance to take it yet, head on over to the quiz, answer the questions and then come back here to see how you stack up)


Overall Statistics:

The quiz was taken a total of 2,018 times with an average score of 52%

Question 1:

For the first question we asked you to identify the make and model of this aircraft.

50% of you correctly identified it as a Spitfire Mk. II
28% of you thought it was a Spitfire Mk. I
15% of you chose Spitfire Mk. V
7% of you thought it was a Spitfire Mk. VI

Perhaps picking up the brand new ACE 127: Polish Spitfire Aces will help you identify them in the future.

Question 2:

Next we asked you to identify a German aircraft. It was a Bf-109, but we wanted a little more than that!

34% of you got the right answer - Bf 109E-4
26% of you thought it was a Bf 109E-3
21% went with Bf 109E-1
19% thought it was surely a Bf 109D

Could have done a little better on that one! I'd advise preordering a copy of AVG 23: Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-F series, coming out in October of this year!

Question 3:

Back to Britain with the next example, a Hawker Hurricane. Lets see how you did.

37% of you aviation enthusiasts got it! It's a Hurricane Mk I
34% of you thought it was a Hurricane Mk II
19% of you went with the Hurricane Mk IIC
10% of you took a shot with Hurricane Mk IV

Looks like you know your Spitfires better than your Hurricanes. Better take a peek at AVG 6 - Hawker Hurricane Mk I-V to brush up on your knowledge.

Question 4:

We finished up our plane profiles with a German bomber - the Bf 110.

48% of you got it spot on - the Bf 110C
20% of you went with Bf 110D
18% of you thought it was a Bf 110E
15% of you bombed completely on this one - thinking it was a Bf 110B

Perhaps taking a peek at DUE 51: Bf 110 vs Lancaster will give you a greater knowledge of this aircraft.

Question 5:

For our fifth question we asked you what aircraft Frank Carey was best known for flying.

70% of you knew your stuff - he flew a Hurricane
16% of you went with the Defiant
13% of you tried to stay safe with the Spitfire
1% of you clearly thought he was German, sticking him in a Bf 109

Question 6:

Our final question asked you to identify which aircraft Eric Lock saw great succes in during the Battle of Britain.

68% of you correctly went with Spitfire
11% selected the Hurricane
11% of you thought it was the Defiant
10% thought he took to the skies in the Gloster Gladiator.

So there you have it. Keep checking the blog for the next quiz and lets see if we can do better!