With the return of the Fortress series later this month we thought it would make sense to make that series the focus of our book vote. After looking at the suggestions sent in to us the editor selected five potential medieval Fortress titles for you to choose from.

Fortress ??? - Castles of the Chianti

The Chianti region in Tuscany, Italy, is home to a surprisingly large number of castles, fortified abbeys and towers that would make for a fascinating read.

Fortress ??? - French Medieval Castles

A study of French Medieval Castles would have a plethora of fantastic fortifications to choose from including Carcassonne, the fortified medieval town that inspired a video and board game.

Fortress ??? - German Medieval Castles

Were German Medieval Castles to win the book vote the author would have a wide range of wonderful medieval structures to investigate. Would the impressive Hohenzollern Castle, sitting atop Mount Hohenzollern, catch their eye?

Fortress ??? - Castles of Medieval Georgia

The Rabati Castle in Akhaltsikhe, Georgia, would certainly be an interesting topic that could be investigated further in a book on Castles of Medieval Georgia.

Fortress ??? - Irish Castles 1150-1650

Ireland is home to a large number of impressive structures including Dunluce Castle, a formidable castle surrounded by steep cliff faces.

Of course, the castles mentioned on this short list may be totally ignored. It really is just a case of an excited employee exploring what wonderful castles are out there! Why not let us know in the comments what you would like to see in these books, and be sure to cast your vote on the homepage before the month is over!