Trying to work out what books to pick up with our fantastic 3 for 2 deal? Well don't fret - here are some of the reviews we have received recently to help you make those tricky choices!



Book - The Caucasus 1942-43

Review - Miniature Wargaming

This 96 page book gives a really good summary of why the campaign was launched and the plans of the respective countries, the opposing commanders and their strengths and weaknesses, the opposing forces and the myriad troop types that were used and, of course, the campaign itself and its aftermath. All very well written and supported with lots of relevant photos, many in colour.



Book - Armies of the War of the Triple Alliance 1864-70

Review - Daniel Sauerwein,

Esposito’s brief study of this war is a wonderful examination of a major conflict that had profound consequences for the development of South America, but has largely faded from the larger historical memory of the world. Through outstanding research and great artwork, the various forces that fought for control over the Platine region of South America appear as a mix of professionally-trained soldiers and untrained militia, thrust into a major conflagration that proved bloodier (in proportion) that the larger American Civil War. Osprey did an outstanding job of providing information on the men who fought in the War of the Triple Alliance and this is a fine contribution to the larger Men at Arms series that will prove useful to those seeking general knowledge on the war, as well as those who may be interested in wargaming the conflict in miniature and want to know how to paint the forces.

If you have a passing interest in Latin American military history, Armies of the War of the Triple Alliance should be on your list of books to read and acquire, as it will provide a great introduction and lead you towards further reading and exploration on this pivotal conflict.



Book - Company of Heroes

Review - Suppressing Fire

There are many broad studies of the Vietnam War, but Company of Heroes offers an insight into the harrowing experiences of just a small number of men from a single unit, deep in the jungles of Vietnam and Cambodia. It is the account of a Medal of Honor recipient whose brave actions were forgotten for over three decades, Leslie Sabo Jr.

Company of Heroes is exceptionally well written. This is a book about a very small group of people and their place in a very large conflict. What’s great is that it makes you care about Sabo and his friends straight off of the bat. They are people you know and care about by the end of the first few chapters, which is something very few writers seem to be able to accomplish.




Book - The Gatling Gun

Review - Miniature Wargames

It is clear that the author knows his topic, as he guides the reader through the gun’s development, evolution and subsequent deployment on the battlefield. The book contains everything a wargamer would need or want to know about the Gatling gun, and would also be a great starting point for a weapons enthusiast.          



Book - Cherbourg 1944

Review - Suppressing Fire

In Cherbourg 1944: The First Allied Victory in Normandy, Steven Zaloga offers up a study of the first major Allied operation in Normandy after the D-Day landings – the capture of Cherbourg. Blending analysis, artwork and maps, this book tells the story of the bitter struggle to capture this vital point. Cherbourg was recognized by both the German and Allied High commands as crucial to the Allied foothold in Normandy – it was the nearest major port and was desperately needed by the Allies for major logistical operations to support their forces on long stretches of open beach. Hitler, on the other hand, declared Cherbourg to be a ‘Festung’ (fortress), a designation everyone knew to mean that its defenders were to fight to the last man. After a grueling struggle that involved several distinct tactical phases to overcome the different elements of Cherbourg’s defence, the campaign resulted in a bittersweet Allied victory, the drama and significance of which are explained in full in this work.

Osprey “battle books” are usually great, and this one is no exception.  The maps and photos are above average even for Osprey, and the book starts of by introducing all of the key players really clearly – something that a lot of history books seem to stumble with.  The key manoeuvres of the battle are also brilliantly illustrated and are super-easy to follow.



Book - Reconnaissance and Bomber Aces of WWI

Review - Classic Wings

In the decades since the Great War ended it seems as if Pursuit pilots have been the mainstay of war in the air books. However occasionally a book comes along which tells a different story, one aboue the ‘arbeitsflieger’ or working aviator – the reconnaissance and bomber pilots and crews. This book brings together a number of these individuals and their valiant battle records. Although it does not cover all the combatants who could be called an ‘Ace’ it does lay out a cohesive examination of many of these individuals and to Guttman’s credit he does provide in the appendices a list, which is as complete as he can tell, of those individuals who have reached that status.