Some very exciting breaking news this morning, as we can finally announce that Osprey are joining forces with Commando Comics to create an exciting new series of military comics.

You can read the entire press release below - and of course we will bring you more news as soon as it happens!


New War Comic Collaboration Hits the Beaches!

Osprey Publishing and Commando Comics to launch new series together


Osprey Publishing (part of Bloomsbury Publishing PLC) and DC Thomson & Co Ltd have joined forces to create eight new graphic war novels consisting of an original, fictional, comic strip of 84 pages coupled with detailed historical information describing the featured conflict, campaign and combatants.

These exciting, fictional action narratives take place in times of war and feature soldiers, sailors and airmen, exploring themes of courage and friendship against a backdrop of war and adversity. Each strip will be checked for historically accuracy and feature events and situations true to the experiences of the combatants from the actual conflicts across a range of historical periods.

This new collaboration brings together the story-telling expertise of Commando and the historical authority of Osprey in a brand new fiction series with supporting material for both adults and children. The books will be on sale globally through the Osprey/Bloomsbury distribution network.

Richard Sullivan, Managing Director, Osprey Publishing said:

‘I am very excited to be working with DC Thomson and Commando. I grew up with their comics and their commitment to telling classic war stories remains undimmed. At Osprey we have a hugely enthusiastic customer base and we believe they will love these modern comics telling the stories of battle and conflict.’

Tim Collins, Head of Brands, Commando Comics said:

‘Commando’s stories of action and adventure have been continuously published for over 50 years and we’re really pleased to combine our fictional expertise with the factual strength of the Osprey collections and the huge distribution both here and across the world that Osprey and Bloomsbury can deliver.’



Osprey Publishing

Osprey is the leading publisher of illustrated military history. Founded in 1968 and with over 40 years of experience, Osprey has published more than 2,500 titles on a wide range of military history subjects from ancient times to the present day, covering battles, campaigns, uniforms, weapons, equipment, tactics and organization. www.ospreypublishing.com

Bloomsbury Publishing Plc

Bloomsbury Publishing Plc acquired Osprey in December 2014. Bloomsbury Publishing is a leading independent publishing house established in 1986. It has companies in London, New York, Sydney and Delhi. www.bloomsbury.com


DC Thomson

DC Thomson & Co Ltd is a private company and one of the leading publishing houses in the UK.  The company’s headquarters is in Dundee, Scotland, with a London base in Fleet Street.  DC Thomson publishes newspapers, magazines, comics and books.  The company also has interests in radio, printing, retailing and online services. www.dcthomson.co.uk


Commando is a 63-page compact graphic novel of around 135 black-and-white illustrated frames with text in panels and balloons to provide the narrative.   It is wrapped in a full-colour cover that folds around the back of the book where you can find our trademark dagger and the back cover write-up.

Between the covers lies the story - fiction set against an authentic background based in solid fact. www.commandocomics.com