H20150312_104332ere at Osprey HQ we are long-term fans of the fantastic Total War series from studio Creative Assembly. Beginning with the fabulous Shogun: Total War 15 years ago, the Total War games have been keeping the Osprey offices entertained at lunchtimes (and sometimes beyond...but don't tell our bosses) for years. Their attention to detail and drive for historical accuracy (obviously within the boundaries set down by the need to actually create an entertaining experience) is pretty unique within the video game industry.

So, when we got the opportunity to do some work with them on their latest game Total War: Attila, we leapt at the chance. Plus it meant that Richard, Joe and I got a chance to pop down to their offices and marvel at their very cool HQ (which is stuffed to the rafters with all sorts of rather nifty gear, including huge display cabinets packed with miniatures and models and a library that was very well stocked with Osprey books!)

And how exactly did we work together? Well, the special edition of the Total War: Attila game comes packaged with a range of fantastic goodies - including a 64 page military biography of Attila the Hun. If the cover looks a little familiar, you will possibly recognize this as a book from our Command series - shrunk down a little to fit into a DVD-sized box. We even did a French and German edition of the book for the Special Editions of the game in Europe.


It has been a rather exciting few months for the Creative Assembly team recently - alongside their Total War: Attila launch they are also coming off the back of the incredibly successful release of the utterly terrifying Alien: Isolation (seriously, I made the serious error of playing it late at night in an empty house a couple of months ago, and really freaked myself out - at least there was no-one else in the house to hear me squeal). And 2015 also marks their 15th anniversary, a milestone that they have celebrated by creating a montage of their games over the last 15 years - with potentially a pretty awesome tease sneaking into the final moments of the video, you can check it out here...


 The Atilla special edition is available from the following stores:

UK - Game

Germany - Amazon.de

France - FNAC

US - Gamestop


And for the Command fans out there - don't worry, Command 31 Atilla the Hun will be out in a more traditional format later this year!