Today is Armistice Day, a global commemoration for all those who lost their lives in the First World War.

To commemorate Armistice Day Osprey will delve into our backlist of titles to look at some of the armies that fought in the Great War. Unfortunately we will not be able to look at every nationality involved in this global conflict, and so we would like to start by listing all the countries that fought in the war.


Africa: Algeria, Angola, Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, Basutoland, Bechuanaland, Belgian Congo, British East Africa (Kenya), British Gold Coast, British Somaliland, Cabinda, Cameroon, Egypt, Eritrea, French Equatorial Africa, Gabun, Middle Congo, Ubangi-Schari, French Somaliland, French West Africa, Dahomey, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Mauretania, Senegal, Upper Senegal and Niger, Gambia, German East Africa, Italian Somaliland, Liberia, Madagascar, Morocco, Portuguese East Africa (Mozambique), Nigeria, Northern Rhodesia, Nyasaland, Sierra Leone, South Africa, South West Africa (Namibia), Southern Rhodesia, Togoland, Tripoli, Tunisia, Uganda and Zanzibar

America: Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Guadeloupe, Newfoundland, Nicaragua, Panama, Philippines, USA, West Indies, Bahamas, Barbados, British Guiana, British Honduras, French Guiana, Grenada, Jamaica, Leeward Islands, St Lucia, St Vincent, Trinidad and Tobago

Asia: Aden, Arabia, Bahrein, El Qatar, Kuwait, Trucial Oman, Borneo, Ceylon, China, India, Japan, Persia, Russia, Siam, Singapore, Transcaucasia, Turkey

Australasia and Pacific Islands: Antipodes, Auckland, Austral Islands, Australia, Bismarck Archipelago, Bounty, Campbell, Carolina Islands, Chatham Islands, Christmas, Cook Islands, Ducie, Elice Islands, Fanning, Flint, Fiji Islands, Gilbert Islands, Kermadec Islands, Macquarie, Malden, Mariana Islands, Marquesas Islands, Marshal Islands, New Guinea, New Caledonia, New Hebrides, New Zealand, Norfolk, Palau Islands, Palmyra, Paumoto Islands, Pitcairn, Phoenix Islands, Samoa Islands, Solomon Islands, Tokelau Islands, Tonga

Europe: Albania, Austria-Hungary, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Estonia, Finland, France, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Turkey

Atlantic Islands: Ascension, Falkland Islands, Sandwich Islands, South Georgia, St Helena, Tristan da Cunha

Indian Ocean Islands: Andaman Islands, Cocos Islands, Mauritius, Nicobar Islands, Reunion, Seychelles


We would also like to take this opportunity to send our thoughts to all those that have been, and are still, affected by conflict.


Please use the links at below to navigate your way through our Armistice Day blog series.

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