Most of you spotted our April Fool gag pretty much instantly - no fooling you lot! Though as many of you pointed out (and we wholeheartedly agree) such an idea would be rather cool!

And you never you? In the past a couple of our April Fool gags have ended up almost becoming a reality... sort of. Our new series on Spaceships, which was to begin with a title on the Starship Enterprise was a gag. But then along came Osprey Adventures with their range of titles that break out of our history line - so who knows, we all ready have We Will Destroy Your Planet. And then there was our Osprey-themed Monopoly board. Again we haven't quite done that yet, but with our first boardgames coming out later in the year.... well you never know... do you?

The one gag that really got hopes up (and annoyed quite a few people when they discovered the date) was our 'new' series on War Animals. Perhaps because the cover looked so realistic we ended up fooling quite a few people out there (and got a couple of rather annoyed emails about it). Personally I thought the Persian War Rhino suggestion would have flagged up the joke.

Still - we always have quite a lot of fun putting these together, and I have to say that putting together the Lego gag was probably the most fun one that we have ever done, partly because the first section of the task involved playing with Lego. At work. Then our very talented design team (who are also talented photographers in their own right) got in on the fun, posing minifigs and snapping away, before pouring the photos into photoshop and working their magic!

And here are a couple of pics of Steve doing his thing!







Now all that remains is for us to launch a music collection. Keep an eye out on the blog for more about that soon!