So the final numbers are in and I can officially announce the biggest Osprey wargaming titles of 2014!

In first place is Bolt Action: Tank War. This supplement allowed Bolt Action players to take their games in a new direction by focusing on armies composed mainly of armoured vehicles. Supported by Warlord Games extensive line of resin and plastic vehicles, it was a break-out hit!

In second place is another Bolt Action title, this time Bolt Action: Battlefield Europe, the first of the new line of Bolt Action Theatre books, which give lots of new rules, units and scenarios for playing in specific geographic locations.

In third place, but still selling strong, is OWG 8: Lion Rampant by Dan Mersey. This game really seems to have caught the imagination of medieval gamers with its small armies, simple rules and casual play style. The game recently had its first ‘Campaign Day’ hosted by the gang at Wargames Illustrated.