A few eagled-eyed Osprey Adventures fans have noticed that Myths and Legends 13: The Knights of the Round Table has two covers! Well, that’s not exactly true. If you buy the book (and I really suggest you do!) the only cover you’ll see is the one above. However, if you search online, you might find the one below as well.

This other cover, which features the knight Yvain fighting to save a lion from a dragon, was created as a ‘cover-visual’. A cover-visual is a marketing piece, created many months before a book is published, so that we have a cover to show in our catalogue, to bookstores, or for online bookstores that allow pre-orders well in advance. At the time we create a cover-visual, we don’t usually have all of the artwork in for a book. So later, when all of the artwork has arrived, we often choose to go with a different piece for the cover.

The upshot is, whether you like your knights in shining armour duelling to the death with other knights, or if you like them facing down monstrous dragons, this book is for you! And don’t worry, if you actually prefer the cover with Yvain, that piece of beautiful Alan Lathwell artwork is in the book too!