Whether you are looking to set the scene during a game of Dracula's America or something to put on in the background to inspire you as you paint some minis, our Dracula's America playlist has got you covered. It offers an eclectic mix of music that hopefully covers the varied factions that are battling it out in the Weird West. 

Track list:

In the Defile - Jeff Herriott, S.Craig Zahler - Bone Tomahawk

In Hell I'll Be in Good Company - The Dead South

The Railroad - Goodnight, Texas

Dueling Banjos (from "Deliverance") - Keith Billik, Derek Smith 

From Here to Hell - The Coffinshakers

Boots of Hell - Ghoultown

Lead me Home - Jamie N Commons

The Priest - Graveyard Train

Be Kind To A Man When He's Down - Fiddlin John Carson

The Battle Cry of Freedom - Dave Bourne Saloon Piano

If you have any suggestions for tracks that could be added let us know in the comments section below!