We're just over half way through the Triple Sprue Challenge and have had some great entries in so far, with people using the Frostgrave Soldier, Cultist, and Barbarian sprues in ways we would never have thought of. Here are all the entries we've had so far, some great inspiration for putting together your warbands or creating your entries for the competition!

Triple Sprue Challenge - The Entries so Far!

Some heroic, some sinister, and some downright weird (were looking at you Lanse...)

There's still just under a month to get your entries for the Triple Sprue Challenge in, with the winners and runners up winning some great Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago loot! 

The Triple Sprue Challenge is a competition running throughout August and September where we challenge you to create a Wizard, Apprentice, and Captain using one sprue from each of the Frostgrave humanoid boxes – SoldiersCultists, and Barbarians. For more details on how to enter and the prizes up for grabs, head over to the contest blog!