It's been a while since we've had a Men-at-Arms book vote, and we're bringing it back with five exciting new ideas. Below are some brief descriptions of what these potential titles would focus on. Have a read, then make your decision by clicking the link below!

  MAA: Women at War 1914–18  

  MAA: Iberian Warriors 500–50 BC         

  MAA: Yugoslav Armies 1941–45              

  MAA: Spanish Troops in South America 1809–1826 

  MAA: French Naval & Colonial Troops 1816-1870

MAA: Women at War 1914–18

World War I saw the creation of, for the first time, government-raised women’s military auxiliary services by many of the belligerent powers.  This book looks to describe these different services, including examples of women who actually took up arms, such as those in Russia, Serbia, and even in the Irish Easter Rising.

MAA: Iberian Warriors 500–50 BC

This proposed Men-at-Arms title looks into the latest evidence for the material culture of the ancient warrior societies that flourished in today's Spain and Portugal, and which would finally become deeply involved in the clashes between the rival empires of Carthage and the Roman Republic.

MAA: Yugoslav Armies 1941–45

From the Royal Yugoslav Army’s surrender to the Axis powers in April 1941 through to Tito’s Partisans throughout World War II, Yugoslav Armies 1941–45 will look at the armed forces in Yugoslavia throughout the conflict, including the Serbian Volunteer Corps and Mihailovic’s Chetniks.

MAA: Spanish Troops in South America 1809–1826

Spanish Troops in South America 1809–1826 looks to cover the opposition to patriotic juntas and to the liberation armies led by Bolivar and San Martin during the South American struggles for independence.

MAA: French Naval & Colonial Troops 1816-1870

The Troupes de la Marine were always a separate branch distinct from the French Army, with their own organization and uniforms and a reputation for self-reliance.   In the early and mid-19th century they garrisoned overseas possessions and mounted expeditions in the West Indies, West Africa, the Indian Ocean and Pacific – even in the Crimea, Italy, Mexico and China – and provided an army corps for the Franco-Prussian War.

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Last month's Duel book vote was a battle of two title ideas, each gaining strong support. Ultimately, the champion you chose was Mi-24 ‘Hind’ vs FIM-92 Stinger (Afghanistan 1980-89) with 33.83% of the overall vote. Close behind with 27.86% was Ju 87 Stuka vs Royal Navy Carriers (1940-42). Thank you for taking part!

 DUE: Ju 87 Stuka vs Royal Navy Carriers 27.86%
 DUE: Mi-24 'Hind' vs FIM-92 Stinger                         33.83%  
 DUE: IJN vs USAAF Skip-Bombers  11.73%
 DUE: Bristol F 2B Fighter vs Fokker Dr I 16.92%
 DUE: P-47 Thunderbolt vs Ki-61 'Tony'  9.66%