Burrows & Badgers is a skirmish game of anthropomophic animals by Michael Lovejoy, publishing on 19th April. Develop your warriors with extensive skill and spell lists, weapons, armour, and rare magical artefacts. Lead your warband from battle to battle, and uphold the name of your faction!

With just a few weeks left before Burrows & Badgers hits the shelves, many of us are busy preparing our forces! From hedgehog warriors and squirrel knights to cunning foxes and mighty badgers, all are preparing for battle, but where will their allegiance lie? 


Miniatures available from Oathsworn Miniatures

The Kingdom of Northymbra faces difficult times. King Redwulf is missing and his son Prince Reinert rules as regent in his stead, struggling to hold the kingdom together. Faced with the continuous harassment from the Freebeasts, with the possibility of war with the Wildbeasts growing, and with dissension spreading among his own Lords, Knights, and Nobles, Prince Reinert relies heavily on the support of his loyal warbands. Effectively members of the Royal Army but acting on detached duty, they carry out dangerous and deniable missions across the land. A Royalist warband might be made up of noble knights, weary veterans, a religious order, or even convicts doing public service in lieu of prison time.


Miniatures available from Oathsworn Miniatures

Truly, the Kingdom of Northymbra is rife with trouble and the days are dark. War threatens in the east, the King is missing, the foxes are stirring up unrest, and three years of bad harvests are taking their toll, but some beasts thrive in such unsettled times. Happiest when living rough, these bands of rogues haunt the woods and abandoned villages of Northymbra. They survive by hunting, raiding, and banditry. Some coastal warbands have even taken up a life of piracy. In the courts of the nobles, such beasts are viewed as the scum of the earth but out in the woods, they are kings.


Miniatures available from Oathsworn Miniatures

The Freebeasts are those who live in Northymbra, but do not submit to the rule of King Redwulf. They are mostly found in the southwest of the Kingdom. Those towns and villages are almost all controlled by the various fox families, who form a ruling elite, controlling both legitimate trade and most criminal activity. The claim is that  Freebeast society is a meritocracy, with everyone valued for their contribution, rather than their race or position. The reality is somewhat different but if you’re always ready to grab an opportunity, you can climb to the top of the pile. Just don’t worry too much about who you’re treading on.


Miniatures available from Oathsworn Miniatures

On the edges of the Kingdom of Northymbra live many Wildbeasts. Whether the rats of the Ironstone Hills in the east, the frogs and toads of the western lakes, or the shrews and wildcats of Strath Clota in the far north, all seek to expand their territories and raid into the settled lands. In many ways, they are more in tune with the natural world, with the old magic of root and branch. But don’t be fooled – these are not peace loving, gentle creatures, any more than a thunderstorm is gentle.


Which faction will you be siding with when Burrows & Badgers is released? Let us know in the comments section below!