Winter & Spring Highlights

Atlas of the European Campaign 

Snapdragon Tidal Wave
Tenochtitlan Italian Cruisers Roman Legionary

Awe-inspiring Artwork

It's so hard every month to pick out just three pieces of artwork from all of those publishing, so picking out the best of them was a real challenge - but we've had a go nonetheless. Which is your favourite?

French Naval & Colonial Troops

MEN-AT-ARMS 517: French Naval & Colonial Troops 1872–1914
by René Chartrand

Illustrated by Mark Stacey

This striking image by Mark Stacey shows a selection of troops from Madagascar and West Africa. On the left is a Private, Tirailleurs Sakalaves, c.1887–95, who wears a European-style tunic. To the centre is a Brigadier of Auxilaires Indigènes d’Artillerie, c.1892–95, wearing an M1889 'cashew'-khaki collarless jacket whilst practising a gun drill. On the right a Private of the Tirailleurs Malgaches in winter field dress, c. 1898–1914, pictured cleaning his M1907 ‘Colonial’ rifle.

NEW VANGUARD 260: Soviet Cruise Missile Submarines of the Cold War
by Edward Hampshire 

Illustrated by Adam Tooby

In a dramatic scene from the Cold War, the Project 675 submarine K-22 is seen surfacing after a disastrous collision with the frigate USS Voge. Both the Voge and the submarine suffered flooding and damage as a result.

soviet cruise missile submarines image 

US Airborne Soldier vs German Soldier

COMBAT 33: US Airborne Soldier vs German Soldier
By David Campbell

Illustrated by Steve Noon

Two companies of the 3/504th storm the Hof van Holland in this action-packed plate. A firefight has broken out at the fort’s entrance as the defending Germans hurl grenades and fire upon the attacking Americans.

NEW VANGUARD 258: Italian Cruisers of World War II
by Mark Stille

Illustrated by Paul Wright

This breathtaking image shows the Regia Marina’s first cruiser loss on 19 July 1940 during the Battle of Cape Spada. Defending against a British force of one light cruiser and five destroyers, the Colleoni was hit with three 6-inch shells, was torpedoed, and capsized soon afterwards.

Italian Cruisers of World War II 



Best of the Blog

Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the famous ‘Dam Busters’ raid, we posted an extract from Doug Dildy’s Dambusters: Operation Chastise 1943, telling the stories of just some of the men behind this renowned mission:

Operation Chastise - 75 Years On by Doug Dildy

 As part of another anniversary celebration, we were joined by John Jordan, editor of Warship, to mark the publication of the 40th edition of the annual Warship journal. Find out more here:

Forty Years of Warship by John Jordan

As usual, our authors have produced some fantastic content throughout the summer months. Here are a few of our top picks:

The Ship That Would Not Die by Thomas McKelvey Cleaver

Homemade Vietnamese Heavy Weapons of the First Indochinese War by Kevin Boyland

The Solomons by Mark Lardas


Book Vote Winners

May: New Vanguard

May’s New Vanguard vote was incredibly close, with just over 1% between the top three titles. Coming in at first was Robot Tanks of World War II with 21.83%, closely followed by French Main Battle Tanks 1945-present: ARL 44, AMX-30 and Leclerc with 21.59%.

June: Air Campaign

Another close vote in June saw possible Air Campaign titles battling it out, with less than 1% in it. Stalingrad Airlift 1943 claimed victory with 23.04%, just a few votes ahead of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somaliland 1919-39 at 22.35%

July: Combat

July’s Combat vote was even tighter, with just half a percent between our top two titles. Polish Soldier vs German Soldier pipped Gurkha vs Fallschirmjäger to the post, with 25.86% and 25.38% respectively.

August: Aircraft of the Aces & Combat Aircraft

In a variation on the usual format, our August vote saw TWO series battling. The Aircraft of the Aces suggestion Macchi C.202/205 Aces won out with 29.24% of the vote, with Combat Aircraft topic He 111 Units in North Africa and the Mediterranean coming in close behind with 25.33%.

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