Gaslands: Refuelled comes out in September, but here at Osprey Games HQ we couldn't wait. And so, without further ado, please let us introduce the Gaslands: Refuelled Chop Shop Challenge. Over the next few weeks we are going to be showing off our Gaslands creations, and we invite you all to do the same! If you want to show off your cars simply email us at [email protected] and include 'Chop Shop Challenge' in the subject, and we'll include it in our upcoming gallery of Gaslands awesomness! You can also share your creations on Twitter - just make sure you include #chopshopchallenge in your tweet!

For the past couple of weeks I’ve had a beat-up old toy van on my desk at home, a charity shop find that seemed perfect for Gaslands. The Gaslands: Refuelled Chop Shop Challenge gave me the motivation to get to work, and Phil’s speedy creation of his truck really made me crack on. So here is my first creation as we prepare for the release of Gaslands: Refuelled.

Straight off the bat, I wanted to pair the blocky, pragmatic design of the van with some cutting-edge weaponry, with the idea being that the car was created by technophiles who blew their entire budget on fancy weapons and gizmos and had to just grab whatever vehicle they could find at the junkyard. Reaching into my bits box, I found some weaponry and additions that looked like they fit the bill perfectly, as well as a spare bit of wire to connect things up.


In terms of a colour scheme, I wanted to keep things bright so that the van stands out on the track. I’d tried the orange and turquoise colour scheme on some other miniatures to mixed results, but figured I’d bust it out again and see how it looks. I’m pretty happy with it – needs a bit of neatening up and something to go on the right side to break up the wall of orange, but I don’t have any ideas for that yet.


Truth be told, I got a little caught up in putting my vehicle together, and hadn’t given too much thought to who the sponsor should be. After looking through the options I’m going to go with Mishkin:

Andre Mishkin is not a natural sportsman. However, the brilliant Russian engineer and inventor proved in 2010 that technology is just as solid an answer as skill or ferocity on the track. From his research and development facility on Mars he continues to send designs for unusual and devastating weapons and sleek, hi-tech vehicles to Earth for field-testing by the teams he sponsors.

Clearly it wasn’t built by Andre himself. Perhaps a disgruntled group of sub-par engineers who didn’t quite cut the mustard, or a group of hopefuls hoping to impress the Russian engineer and secure positions at his research and development facility. 

Thanks to the suggestion from William Wallace on Facebook, this vehicle has been dubbed The Misery Machine.

The Misery Machine
Vehicle Type
Special Rules
Build Slots
Build Slots
Arc Lightning Projector (front facing)
6 2
Sentry Gun (dropped)
3 -
Build Slots
Experimental Nuclear Engine
Technology & Military
Total Cost
All the Toys

Thank you to everyone who has sent their creations in so far! We'll put a gallery together in a couple of weeks so that you can see them in all their glory, so keep sending them our way!

Gaslands: Refuelled comes out on 19 September. Preorder your copy today!