We're delighted to announce that Osprey Publishing has partnered with Geek Nation Tours to bring you a series of incredible experiences, with a tour of Feudal Japan and the Battlefields of Sekigahara in 2019 and two tours scheduled for 2020 - a Frostgrave-themed tour of Estonia and a trip to Rome to delve into the history of the Gladiators. Below you will find some details about Geek Nation Tours and the Frostgrave Immersion 101 Tour, with a link at the bottom to give you more details!

Geek Nation Tours are the blacksmiths of building bonds, the facilitators of fantastic adventures, and the engineers of entertaining quests. Drawing on our background in the travel industry and our dabbling in a wide range of geekdoms, we craft immersive journeys where geeks and nerds can come together and meet new friends from around the world and experience their fandoms up close and personally. Where internet and face-to-face friendship meet – in only the best of geeky locations.

Our goal is to bring people together and foster connections while sharing unbelievable excursions into the realms of fantasy, adventure and sci-fi we geek out over. Being a geek means loving something to the point of (almost) unhealthy obsession. GNT embraces our geekdoms with no shame and shares the love of them with others. Whether it’s building the comradery with fellow geeks and nerds or introducing newbies to our worlds, our passion and enthusiasm contribute to warm and inclusive communities you find on our tours. 

Journey with us to the frozen city of Felstad, or as it is more commonly known, FROSTGRAVE. Well, the city that inspired the game anyway – Tallinn, Estonia. Geek Nation Tours takes you to our first in a series of exotic gaming destinations, where we will discover rarely visited locales and explore their culture, history and culinary delights, coupled each day with fully-immersive, elite gaming experiences. What better place to start our new enterprise than in the Baltic state of Estonia right in the middle of winter?

This tour also marks the first in a partnership with Osprey Games.  Osprey Publishing (and Games) and Geek Nation Tours have joined forces to create tours for the most discerning of travelers. It is our goal to fashion vacations where travelers can delve deep into specific games and experience them at a level that is heightened by special guests, such as designers, and publishers who relate their visions as they walk and game along side us. Not only will we roll dice with our guest hosts and will see what inspires them, but also cover the more geeky aspects of the destinations we visit. We will meld pop culture with history, blend practical knowledge with epic legend and see human struggle and heroic deeds through many lenses.

Joseph A. McCullough designer and high mage himself, will join us on our adventure and provide new custom-designed scenarios matched to the daily themes of our explorations of the area. We will dive right into the Medieval backdrop and have Living History Guides show us all that Tallinn has to offer. From exceptional dinning and period pubs to, eerie forests, feral bogs, and Viking villages… You will be delving deep into the Frozen City…

But don’t worry, we will let you communicate with home via modern day wizardry… Estonia has declared internet access a human right and Skype was born there… and yes, wireless internet is almost everywhere.

Act fast though… This tour can only accommodate 15 participants and thus you will need to grab a spot soon!

So, cast some spells and if you think you have the guts to explore the ruins – hop aboard!

For more details about the Frostgrave Immersion 101 Tour, head to the Geek Nations Tour website!